Pasadena Roofing Company Faqs

Pasadena TX Roofing understands your concerns and questions surrounding roofing services. We've been repairing and replacing roof-tops throughout Pasadena for ages and have heard many of the same concerns and questions countless times. Below are a few roofing FAQs:
* Does my house require a brand-new roof?
Sometimes roof-related destruction is easy to see, other times only a rooftop inspection will reveal what is needed. Pasadena TX Roofing is well equipped to help you determine whether a new roof is necessary.

* Do insurance companies pay for a brand-new roof replacement?
Wouldn't it be wonderful if your insurance company paid for a brand-new roof replacement? It depends on the cause of the damage and your insurance policy. For instance, your insurance carrier doesn’t cover normal wear and tear. However, roof-related destruction from major wind events or hailstorms is often covered.

* Do insurance carriers pay for roof repairs?
Yet again, it depends on the cause of the roof damage. If the damage was caused by a covered event, then your insurance company will cover their portion of the roof repairs after you’ve paid your insurance deductible.

* My roof isn't leaking, why should I call Pasadena TX Roofing?
Hail is tremendously injurious to the roof but hail stone damage is generally not obvious to the untrained eye. By the time the roof-related damage is obvious, it may be too late to get the insurance carrier involved. We are one of Pasadena's area and most trusted roofing contractors.

* Do you carry liability insurance?
Yes, and we’re happy to prove it.

* How much does a new roof cost in Pasadena?
All complete roof replacement costs vary. One of Pasadena TX Roofing's representatives can give you an estimate for your roofing material.

* What type of roof is best for my Pasadena house?
Pasadena TX Roofing considers many factors including the home’s architectural style, current damage, your budget and time frame, and your personal requirements to determine the best roofing resources.

Since we have your best interests in mind, you can depend on us. Let a Pasadena TX Roofing representative visit your Pasadena home to go over all of your home's roofing concerns in more depth.